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Flower Eaters, Anti Aesthetic, Eugene Contemporary Arts



Group show with Dana Buzze, and Caroline Will

Flower Eaters looked to Sandro Botticelli’s depiction of archetypal imagery in his canonical allegory, Primavera.
Three of Cups, like Flower Eaters, is also a nod to Sandro Botticelli’s painting the rites of spring; the three muses
dancing with challicies raised, a symbolic lineage for the iconographic features of three of cups of the tarot. This card
offers narratives of joy and gathering in celebration. As our realities continue to shift in relation to the pandemic, our
Three of Cups is a hopeful one. As we slowly start to join together with loved ones again this symbol is a beacon that
lights the way to cheer, festivity, and community.
The three of us share a deep interest in the overlap of visual art and occult spirituality, and over the past year have
formed something of an unofficial coven, sharing rich dialogue and exchange. Though the aesthetics of our individual
practices vary - BDSM post-apocalypse fecundity (Dana), teen witch dreaming (Mary), and satirical cultic technologies
(Caroline) - the driving thematics of our individual practices are unified through a confluence of our coven-discourse
around divination (seeing/reading/sensitizing), nature mysteries, resilience through reimagining the apocalypse to
remaking the world, working with the void, and reality shifting. These shared witch-epistemes offer a deep potential,
informing our exhibition Flower Eaters.

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